E-mail starlight1941@yahoo.com
or call
Sweetwater Tx. 79556
These are my Lhasa Apso breeders
These are truly the best
friend you will ever have.
All they need is love and
they will love you in return.
Sweetwater Tx.
Bubbaroo Blue
we call him "Guy"
My G-daughter playing
with the Lhasa Apso
Puppies are precious, handle with care.
This is Pacer
He's not for sale
He looks just like his Daddy "Casper"
My Lhasa Apso puppies
Pacer and Oreo
CKC registered
Laid back and Taking it easy  is my
first male "BOO". I couldn't ask for a
sweeter guy. He and Biddy have been
together since pups. And they cry for
each other when they are separated.
DOB Biddy (6-15-02) Boo (6-1-02)       
They are here with me.
He has been retired since 2004
Bitty has been retired 2010
Oreo 3 yrs old
DOB 10-24-13
girl  girl  boy
Mandy's girl DOB
This is Mandy. I hope to find a
good home for her. She is FREE
and a very sweet dog. But she
will have to be the only female
dog in the family. Gets along fine
with males. ( Don't know about
cat's) utd on shots and worming.
DOB Sept. 22-2008 She would
make a wonderful companion for
a elderly couple or single elder.
She is in good health we just
need to reduce our stock for our
health. You have to pick her up.
Lhasa Apsos were
once the household
sentinels of Tibetan
nobility and Buddhist
monasteries in the
Himalayan Mountains.
They are quite
independent and
suspicious of
strangers, which
makes them good as
indoor watchdogs
(despite their size).
Pacer     and      Oreo
Dad                    Mom
Girl Girl Girl Girl Girl Boy Boy Boy
5 Girls and 3 Boys
DOB 9-4-14
Girls $400.00
Boys $350.00
If you pick him/her up.
CKC registered. Sorry but I
do not ship my puppies nor
do I sale them to pet shops.
My puppies go to good
homes. I except $150.00  
non-refundable deposit
They are full blood Lhasa Apso but
not registered. I'm asking $2
females and $200.00 male. If you
pick him/her up. DOB 7-28 14
Girl # 9 @
3 month and 2 weeks.
Girl # 10
Boy # 11
Pacer is the dad CKC
I don't have the mom
She is not registered
Girl # 13
Girl # 14
Girl # 15
Girl # 16
Boy # 17
Boy # 18
Boy # 19
Girl # 12
They are 1 month 2 week